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Is your food recommended for dogs with allergies?
Is your food recommended for dogs with allergies?
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Many dogs with meat-based food allergies may benefit from plant-based food.

One of the biggest myths about food allergies in dogs centers on which ingredients are most often to blame. The makers of grain-free dog foods often advertise their products as being a good option for these pets, but research has shown that grains are not the most frequent trigger for dogs. Animal-based proteins are far more problematic. A recent study revealed that animal-based ingredients (beef, dairy, chicken, lamb, egg, pork, fish, and rabbit) were responsible for 236 cases of food allergy in dogs while plant-based ingredients (wheat, soy, corn, rice, barley, kidney bean, and tomato) were involved in only 77 cases.

If your dog is in need of a special diet caused by a medical condition, please consult with your veterinarian to help determine if our kibble is a good fit for your dog.

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