A Wild Earth subscription is created during the checkout process. For this example, we'll create a subscription by purchasing a large bag (18lb) of Wild Earth Clean Protein Dog Food.

Step 1: Go to wildearth.com

Step 2: Under 'Shop', select 'Food'

Step 3:

1) Select the 'Large Bag (18lb)'

2) Select 'Subscribe & Save'

3) Select how often you want your delivery to take place

4) Select how many bags you need per shipment

5) Click 'Add to Cart'

Step 4: Click 'Checkout'

Step 5: Click 'Check Out'

Step 6: Fill in the required 'Customer Information' and click 'Continue'

Step 7: Fill in required credit card information and click 'Place my order'

NOTE: You may have noticed that you were not prompted to create a password. We do not require passwords to access your subscription. How to log into your account: https://support.wildearth.com/en/articles/5486117-how-do-i-login-to-my-account

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