You can make a one-time purchase of any of our products! For this example, we'll make a one-time purchase of a large bag (18lb) of Wild Earth Clean Protein Dog Food. The process is exactly the same for all purchases.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Under 'Shop' click 'Food'

Step 3:

a) Select 'Large Bag (18 lb)

b) Select 'One-Time Purchase'

c) Select how many bags you want to purchase

d) Click 'Add to Cart'

Step 4: Click 'Checkout'

Step 5: Click 'Checkout'

Step 6: Fill in required 'Contact information' and click 'Continue to shipping'

Step 7: Click 'Continue to payment'

Step 8: Fill in required credit card information and click 'Pay now'

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