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Managing Your Subscription: Summary
Managing Your Subscription: Summary
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When you create a Wild Earth subscription you're able to select what products you want, and how often you'll receive them! Once your subscription is created, your order will be shipped to you automatically based on the shipment frequency you set when your subscription is created.

Once your subscription is created, you might need to make updates along the way.

Shipping Date: This is the date your order will be processed and shipped. It is also the date you will be charged based on the payment information submitted on your subscription. To change your subscriptions ship date, click here. Shipping takes 3-8 days to arrive from your shipping date.

Shipping Frequency: This is when each shipment will be shipped to you, based on your shipping date. For example, if your shipping frequency is every 4 weeks, then your order will be shipped every 4 weeks from the shipping date you initially set. To change your subscriptions shipping frequency, click here.

What if you decide you need more or less food? You have three options:

  • Update the shipping frequency to receive your order more, or less often. Instructions here.

  • Change the amount of bags you receive. Instructions here.

Wild Earth offers kibble, treats, and supplements. What if you decide you want to add additional items to your order? Instructions here.

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